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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Property Management in Plymouth, MI

We get a lot of questions about our services from our Plymouth property owners. Below are a few of the common inquiries our clients have. If you have further questions please reach our to us today.

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What Do Property Managers Do?

Property Managers perform a number of services for their clients including:
  • Property preparations
  • Property inspections
  • Marketing properties
  • Reviewing applications
  • Application screening
  • Lease signing and renewals
  • Property maintenance
  • Administrative and financial property management
  • Coordinate utility payments

What do you look for in tenants?

For most potential tenants, we assess employment, credit history, proof of identity, and income

How much will my investment property lease for?

Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing a property for rent. Location, access to amenities, conditions of the property are all factors that determine cost. We will work with you to assess your property’s current state, and help you achieve the maximum potential.

How do Property Inspections work?

Regular inspections of your properties can keep them in good shape as well as identify where preventative maintenance needs to occur. Our team are experts in property management and maintenance and works hard to keep our clients’ properties in top shape.

How often will I hear from my property manager?

This depends on how involved you would like to be with your property. Many of our clients prefer to take a hands-off approach and let us handle everything. Others want to be kept in the know regarding minor issues that occur. The Property Edge will communicate with you in a manner that fits your needs and meets your goals.
Client Spotlight:
We moved from Tennessee to Michigan, honestly didn't know what to expect, ended up finding a fabulous realtor, who led us to this wonderful property management company. The Property Edge was spectacular, we were not expecting five star service, but that is what we got each and every-time. As soon as we had an issue, they sent somebody to fix it, and not just anybody either, people who were genuinely kind and considerate with A+ customer service skills! Wonderful time management, and straight forward expectations from their end also. We honestly would have liked to have stayed longer under their management, but moved closer to work. Many thanks again to The Property Edge, for setting an excellent standard for which we shall compare all others from this point on! Karle A. | Detroit, MI